The Destructive Power of Sin

Sin seeks to destroy human life, the most precious creation of God. -CEFC Devotional February 2015

Sin is not something that we should take lightly. The smallest sin can create a ripple that could result to the destruction of your life or the life of the people around you.

In Abel and Cain’s story, we know that it ends in the worst possible way, death. Imagine, to kill your own brother. For what? For doing a good job? For obeying what God has commanded of them? Cain’s murder might be a big sin but it didn’t start there. He didn’t wake up one day and decided to kill Abel, no. He started by being complacent, which caused him to feel insecure and envious of his brother, which resulted in his anger and ill-feelings, which caused him to kill his brother.

Do you see that? Our sins, if not stopped or managed earlier, can become bigger and more difficult to handle. It can consume us and make us feel like what we are doing is justified. That it could solve everything.

Also, we come to see that sin has no boundaries. It can seep through the strongest ties, it can destroy the most established relationships. The author of Genesis Chapter 4:1-11 wrote the word brother 7 times. He didn’t write it because he was redundant, but he wanted us to see the depth of their relationship.┬áHe wanted us to see how sin got through something that was supposedly penetrable.

Sin wants nothing but destruction. It strikes at the most unexpected times. We need to always be prepared. We need to nourish the relationships we have with our families and friends. We need to guard our hearts with God’s word and keep our minds closed to things that are not of God.

Sin is out to get us.


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